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Building Permits

Building Permit Application
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Do I need a Building Permit?

When your project:
Involves $150 or more in retail material cost materials or over $300 in material and labor. (donated or free materials should be figured at retail cost)
For exterior work, you need a permit to:
-- add an addition or change to the exterior dimensions of your home including stairs
-- build or replace a deck
-- installation of pre-built or site built sheds and garages
-- installation of a pool or temporary pool
-- re-roof your house or garage
-- replace siding/fascia on your house or garage
-- change the size of window or door openings
-- install replacement windows or doors
-- install or replace a fence
-- install a hot tub
-- driveway installation or replacement
-- sidewalk installation or replacement
 For interior work, you need a permit to:
-- any structural alteration
-- install a hot tub or whirlpool
-- alter a bathroom or kitchen
-- install or replace a furnace
-- install or replace a central air conditioner
-- install or replace a fireplace
-- add new electric outlets
-- change the number of dwelling units
-- finish your basement
-- any type of electrical, heating or plumbing work including furnace and water heater replacement

When your project:
Involves less than $150 in retail materials cost or is less than $300 in material and labor. (donated or free materials should be figured at retail cost)
-- painting the exterior or interior of your building
-- floor covering
-- kitchen cabinetry with no electrical or plumbing work needed

 What if I don't get a permit?
Permits are required by Town Ordinances and Wisconsin State statutes. If you don't get one when you should the Permit Officer may fine you for every day the work is not in compliance. This can be expensive. The permit and accompanying inspections are to assure you that the work is up to code and safe. Projects not done according to code can affect your home's insurability and potential sale. Prospective buyers can check the Town's building records.
For More Information:
Building Permit Officer
Cheryl Pionke     920-872-0800